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Mizuki Kawano

- Planner

考えかたから考え、つくりかたからつくるプランナー。 大学時代に専攻していた都市社会学をプランニングの基礎に持ち、仕組みの部分から、メッセージを受け取る人の気持ちまでをデザインしていきます。 日本文化を掘り起こし、時には換骨奪胎し、自分の視点で再翻訳する仕事がしたいです。好きなものはおでんと落語と検索。愛読書は古事記と白川静。
Mizuki is the type of planner who first thinks about the way to think and creates the way to create. Her planning skills are founded on urban sociology, her major in college, which is why she will also “design” the feelings of people on the receiving end of the message. “I look forward to projects where I can help bring the Japanese culture to life, modifying it at times, and inject my personal interpretation. I love ODEN (Japanese stew), RAKUGO (Japanese comic storytelling), and Googling, and my favorite books are Japan's oldest historical record "KOJIKI" and books by Shizuka Shirakawa, the master or kanji ideograms.”
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