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Rina Kikuchi

- Production Assistant

1994年、世田谷で生まれ世田谷で育つ。幼少期の口癖は「誰か!見て!」 常に人の注目を集めるべく、芸を磨き、モノづくりに没頭していた精神は今もなお健在。 むしろ年を重ねるごとにパワーアップし、2016年太陽企画に入社。以降TVCMのみならず、Webムービーやデジタル施策の制作にも携わる。弾けるようなワクワクさを大切にしつつも、関わるすべての人やモノへの感謝も忘れずに。いっしょに働いて楽しい制作部、目指します!
Rina is a native of Setagaya, Tokyo, born in 1994. “People! Look!” was her childhood pet phrase, and just so she can hog the limelight, she always strove for versatility and devoted herself to creating things. Not only her such nature remains very much alive today, but it kept getting boosted with age. So she joined Taiyo Kikaku in 2016 and now contributes to production of TVCMs, websites and digital measures. “I keep in mind to embrace incredible thrills and to remember to be grateful for everything and every partner I work with. I look forward to creating a fun workplace and to your partnership!”
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