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Rino Tanaka

- Production Manager

Rino was born in 1991 in Saitama but was raised in Nagano. She took full advantage of being the youngest child and learned from her older sister’s mistakes. She chose this profession for a reason – she’s a lover of people and videos. Videos, she believes, are a medium that connects people with feelings. She will embrace your taste and your wishes and will bend over backwards to make them come true. “One person's will inspires another person's will... Such kind of videos should be made into advertisement videos. Whether it be a TVCM, a website, or an outdoor advertisement, my objective will always be to reach out to both the society and to the people in it. Having majored in sociology, I’m interested in social branding projects.”
Rino Tanaka’s Works
MAJOLICA MAJORCA Cosmetic Rube Goldberg Machine
- Film