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Yuichiro Kon

- Production Manager

Although his dad may be a native of Otaru, Hokkaido, Yuichiro is a young PM who was born and raised in Saitama. His last name though, traces back to Tohoku region, or so he believes. He’s now a resident of Tokyo and is a graduate of Waseda University where he majored in Political Science and Economics. He joined Taiyo Kikaku without any knowledge of video production, driven only by his overflowing curiosity. Handling TVCMs, websites, and VP productions, he pushes himself day in and day out. “With the pursuing and insistent nature as my weapon, I will aim for a top-notch production department that has no blind spots. I love both extra-sweet and extra-spicy foods, and as a fan of Korea, I’m now secretly studying the Korean language. My hobby is earpicking.”
Yuichiro Kon’s Works