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Yuna Takayama

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1990年生まれ、神戸出身。日本大学芸術学部卒業。4年間の制作部経験を活かし、現在はディレクターのマネジメントを担当。「新しいもの、面白そうなもの」への興味を、そのまま仕事へのエンジンに変換するミーハーマネージャー。 特技はすぐに顔と名前を覚えてもらえること。苦手なことは顔と名前を覚えること。バンドとアイドルが大好物で年間100本以上ライブに行くほど音楽を愛し、週10本以上ドラマを見て、月2で舞台を観る。呼吸をするかのごとく常にエンタメに触れていないと落ち着かない人種。

山部修平 / 喜田葉大 / 渡邉直
Yuna was born in 1990 in Kobe and graduated from Nihon University College of Art. With 4 years’ experience at Production Department, she currently manages directors. She is a groupie-type manager whose interests in “anything new and anything amusing” get converted into her drive for work. She has a unique skill of having her face and name remembered instantly, but has yet to develop her own skills in remembering people’s faces and names. She is a huge fan of bands and idols and loves music so much so that she goes to over 100 live concerts a year. She watches over 10 drama programs a week and 2 theater performances a month. Entertainment is like the air to her; she simply cannot exist without it.

Shuhei Yamabe / Yodai Kita / Nao Watanabe
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